Mindfulness Nature

Mindfulness Nature demonstrates to us how patient calm and beautiful it’s state is. Trees grow and feel and breathe the air in a mindfulness state, the immaculate glory of blossom and flowers shower their love and happiness to us each year all in their mindful state.

Mindfulness Nature is just another blessing to remind us that we can also gain peace, happiness, love and fulfilment by practing Mindfulness.

Corporate Mindfulness

Workshops available for Corporate mindfulness, email mindfulnessdhun@gmail.com to discuss requirements. Your resources, your people are your assets – so why not enhance the wellbeing of your assets. This will prompt employee satisfaction and encourage improvement in performance, teamwork and value add to the corporation.

Corporate Mindfulness 1

The Corporate Workshop can be scheduled 1:1 and within a group / department / offsite meeting. The workshop will last 2-3 hours depending on your needs; it can be easily inserted into a schedule of meetings to encourage a team breakout. The purpose of the workshop is to treat all attendees as equal, to teach them a simple relaxation exercise (no physical effort required) to allow participants to relax and enjoy the Mindfulness moment and too allow participants insight into how to relax their mind.

The practitioner is experienced in Mindfulness, Meditation and also a Professional with many years of industry experience in blue chip organisations.

Relax the Mind!

Mindfulness for Relaxation

Ever thought that calming yourself to a relaxed state is actually giving a relaxing exercise to the Mind, which is busy throughout the day and dreaming throughout the night.

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

20170508_131906Attend a periodic workshop; learn one-to-one or within a group workshop – sit with your legs folded or laydown in a position that gives you comfort – Understand the self and your self consciousness – feel and relax to the present moment – listen to the present moment the air, the birds, the earthly sounds – learn to breath and be conscious of your breathing technique and how it’s relaxing you – find joy and love with the Mindfulness present – learn how the Mindfulness state helps us start a journey of Meditation.

Mindfulness Love


St John “I give this advice over and over again because of all the qualities, that love is the greatest need of mankind. If you would love each other and the current of love would fill your minds, you would possess all other good qualities. Love, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

In today’s world we need to be good and wish good to all, we need to show our love and we will receive love from those around us.

Be mindful to love yourself too, positive energy, love and joy are the properties that help us improve our mindfulness love and become a better person.

Mindfulness Dhun Love

One should allow at least 30 minutes each day to improve and create a Mindfulness routine. Mindfulness awareness and simple meditation  can connect you better to the Mind, bring you closer to your self consciousness and love comes to you and you give more live to others.

Charge up using – OM!

OM is a spiritually charged word; OM is the Aksara, is a Sanskrit term translating to “imperishable, indestructible, fixed, immutable”.OM is also a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. When relaxed in mediation and repeating the sacred word OM one is elevated in a relaxed state of mind!